Weekend reads: All the benefits and financial help you can get during the coronavirus crisis

Also, how businesses adjust during the coronavirus pandemic and investment ideas in a down market

No matter how good your financial situation may be, you certainly know someone who has been severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis. A lot of help is available, but the first step is knowing what’s out there.

MarketWatch’s personal finance team has put together a detailed guide to all the ways to raise cash, shore up credit, delay payments, cut spending, apply for expanded unemployment benefits and much more.

Mortgage assistance

An obvious move for homeowners suffering financially during the coronavirus crisis is to seek help with their mortgage loans, which typically means forbearance — a delay in making payments. Jacob Passy outlines how to qualify for mortgage assistance and how to apply for it.

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Tax breaks

Bill Bischoff details the most important tax relief measures included in two recent pieces of federal legislation. Read it — there’s very likely to be something to benefit you, your business or someone you care about.

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A new trend — help from auto insurers

Auto insurers are making it cheaper for their customers as driving activity and accidents plunge.

How partners stuck home together can make it work

Couples with one or more partner working out of the house don’t see much of each other during the week — but now that’s changed. That could mean a high level of stress, especially for younger couples and those with children.

But there are tips and tricks from older, retired couples that can help your relationship come out of these stay-home orders stronger.

What to do when the worst happens

Here are five financial actions to take when a loved one dies. It’s also useful for those who want to be save their family the added stress of one day reconstructing their financial life.


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