The exolung gives divers an ‘unlimited’ underwater air supply

exolung, an underwater breathing device has been designed to give divers an ‘unlimited’ air supply. it translates the diver’s swimming motions into air movement, keeping breathing air flowing as long as the diver keeps swimming.

the exolung gives divers an 'unlimited' underwater air supply

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exolung is a surface-supplied diving system, which means it uses a buoy that floats on the surface of the water to provide the diver with air. doubling as a safety restraint, a hose measuring 39 feet (12 meters) connects the buoy with the water bell worn on the front of the torso.



inside the bell’s hardshell body, there is a collapsible water bladder attached to leg straps that secure around the diver’s feet. by extending the legs, fresh air is drawn down from the surface and water is displaced from the air bell. when the diver retracts their legs, water pressure puts air inside the bell under ambient water pressure, which can then be inhaled.



the device makes the diver the power source, creating an ‘endless’ air supply as long as the diver doesn’t stop swimming. unlike tank-based systems, the exolung doesn’t involve the additional cost of refilling and is very easy to maintain. like a snorkel, it just needs to be cleaned after use.


exolung’s designer jörg tragatschnig is looking for commercial partners to bring his idea to market. currently patent-pending and in the prototype phase, tragatschnig estimates a price of less than €300 (approximately $335USD) for the basic version described above. he has also developed a ‘pro’ model with a 23-foot (7 meters) hose and reinforced construction that would retail under €500 ($550USD).

project info

designer: jörg tragatschnig
product: exolung
price: approx. €300 (approximately $335USD) – €500 ($550USD)
status: prototype


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