Dr. Fauci agrees NY likely seeing flattening of the curve on coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci agreed Thursday that New York is likely seeing the “flattening of the curve” in its coronavirus crisis — while revealing that antibody tests could be available in “days to weeks.”

America’s top infectious disease expert agreed “with cautious optimism” that Gov. Andrew Cuomo was correct in predicting the Empire State had reached its peak and could soon see lowering daily death tolls.

“I don’t want to jump the gun on that, but I think that is the case,” Fauci said on the “Today” show Thursday.

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“I’m always very cautious about jumping the gun and saying, ‘Well, we have turned the corner’ but I think we are really looking at the beginning of that, which would really be very encouraging. We need that right now,” he said.

“So we are hoping, with cautious optimism, that at the same time we’re in for a bad week, we’re going to start to see a turnaround. And I think it will.”

However, he warned against people getting too excited by the news and lifting the isolation measures that he said have helped improve the crisis.

Fauci also said antibody tests that would let people know if they have already been infected — potentially allowing them to resume normal life — could be available sooner than expected.

“The antibody tests are developed,” he said, saying that some are “validated to show they are consistent.”

“We are told by the companies that make them that very soon — by soon, they’re talking days to weeks — that we’d be able to have a large number of these tests available,” the White House coronavirus task force member said.

While not confirmed, he said it is hoped that people previously infected — even those who never got sick — will “very likely be protected” against the bug and be able to get “back into the normality of society.”


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