Beauty blogger apologizes for blackface makeup to ‘support’ Black Lives Matter: report

beauty blogger from the Philippines has reportedly apologized for posting photos in blackface makeup in “support” of Black Lives Matter, though social media users say it doesn’t suffice.

Blogger Ken Francisco De Dios was pictured wearing dark makeup and a wig in four photos recently shared to Facebook with the caption “Black Lives Matter,” according to The Sun, reportedly in “support” of the movement

Though De Dios appears to have since removed the post from Facebook and deleted their Twitter and Instagram accounts, screenshots of the controversial pictures are being circulated online and slammed by commenters as tone-deaf and offensive.

chimac news
chimac news

“This ain’t it” one Twitter commenter declared on Saturday, sharing the screenshots in a post that since gone viral with over 3,300 shares and 14,500 likes.

Amid the backlash, De Dios allegedly apologized for the images with an extensive explanation.

“Before everything gets out of hand I would like to apologize for the whole ‘blackface’ issue,” the blogger said in a now-deleted Facebook post, according to the outlet. “It wasn’t of my intention to imitate anyone of any culture or race.


“As an artist, I used my artistry to be part of the campaign and use it as a voice that black lives matter. I believe that this is a sensitive topic and that I should’ve kept my mouth shut,” De Dios continued. “I will try to learn more about such matters to keep myself from making ‘careless mistakes’ in the future.

“Cultural appropriation is an issue that is deeply rooted in a society that I am still educating myself on. I’ve read your comments and tweets and I honestly do understand where this backlash has come from. I am thankful for those who are educating me in the comments section.”

The Black Lives Matter movement is calling for justice for George Floyd following his death on May 25. Floyd died last week after he was pinned to the pavement by a white police officer in Minneapolis, who put his knee on the handcuffed black man’s neck until he stopped breathing.

Romanian shoemaker creates size 75 shoes for social distancing

A Romanian shoemaker has taken it upon himself to create a shoe that can remind people to maintain proper distance by elongating the toe to an impressive (and probably hard to walk in) size 75.

Grigore Lup, the man behind the design, has been making leather shoes for 39 years, relying mostly on custom orders from theatres and opera houses, Reuters reports. After coronavirus hit, Lup’s orders stopped coming in as live performances were canceled.

Now that restrictions are beginning to ease across Europe, Lup told the outlet he would notice when he went to the market that people were not practicing social distancing, which prompted the idea for the shoe.

“If two people wearing these shoes were facing each other, there would be almost one-and-a-half meters (nearly 5 feet) between them,” he said to Reuters.

Since debuting his creation, the cobbler has received five orders for the shoe, which cost $115 per pair.

LIFE ‘If you’re not sure about a partner, take them sailing’: the couple making a living from life at sea

The first thing Elayna Carausu noticed about Riley Whitelum, as their eyes locked across the town square in the Greek island of Ios, was his distinctive moustache. When he told her that he had a boat, she assumed it was a pick-up line. She was wrong.

Despite having no previous sailing experience, Riley had used his savings from years working on oil rigs to buy a barely-used 43ft Beneteau craft from three bickering Italians. Luckily he had taught himself a few things in the months before meeting Elayna, who was working for a travel company in Greece, but his journey was not without the occasional mishap. He recalls one night in Dubrovnik, Croatia, when the boat – already slowly taking on water from a hidden leak – was swamped by a wake from a fishing boat. Riley awoke to a cabin awash with water and frantically Googled: “My boat is sinking, what do I do?”

Google responded, somewhat unhelpfully: “All boats are sinking. The main factor is, how fast. Don’t panic. Find the source of the leak.”

Six years on, and things are now more plain sailing. The Beneteau has been upgraded to another boat, La Vagabonde, on which Riley, who no longer has to rely on Google, has been joined by Elayna and a stowaway – their 10-month-old son Lenny. And since beginning documenting their adventures at sea in late 2014, their YouTube channel, Sailing La Vagabonde, has amassed more than one million followers.

This is perhaps unsurprising, the couple make for good TV; escapism without the queasy aftermath. They chronicle their life together aboard La Vagabonde in endearing, instructive and sometimes terrifying video, offering a view of life in authentically challenging circumstances; a contrast to the manufactured dramas that YouTube typically invites.

Audiences have followed the pair across the Atlantic twice and the Pacific once; watching them brave storms, maggoty rubbish and broken equipment. We’ve seen the difficulties of life at sea, watching them deal with injuries and the boredom of spending weeks offshore when you’ve read all your books.

Maybe what really compels is simply their competence and equanimity; there is no whinging on board La Vagabonde. Or maybe it’s the accents; both Riley and Elayna are Australian natives. Whatever it is, it’s working: a video posted at the end of May, Our Morning Routine Onboard, has had nearly three million views.

When I meet Riley and Elayna, they are at home on their catamaran, having been forced to dock in Newport, in the US state of Rhode Island, while they wait for new parts for their broken engine. Luckily they were offered a spot at Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina, when the dockmaster, Sean Kellershon – who has been following their adventures for years – saw them heading north after months in the Bahamas. “They just seemed like really cool people,” he says.

As we chat, Lenny gnaws on an apple and plays with a USB cord. He has barely any baby gear, and even fewer toys – a Jolly Jumper; a baby seat; a stick, a triangle and a pair of tiny cymbals. “To explain the obvious,” Riley says, “boat living is enforced minimalism.”

Riley wears what looked like a Star Wars T-shirt, except that Mark Hamill’s face is replaced with his own, and Carrie Fisher’s with Elayna’s. Under Darth Vader’s helmet is Lenny. Designed by a fan, it’s La Vagabonde merchandise made by an ecologically conscious company in Los Angeles. The couple sell shirts, hoodies, totes, sailing guides and cookbooks they have written from  their website, all mailed in compostable envelopes.

But most of their income comes from patrons – about 3,500 subscribers who pay between $3 and $10 (£2-£8) for early access to the videos, plus other perks, like the chance to meet the couple for dinner and a sail, perhaps, if La Vagabonde comes to their town.

Living costs aboard are moderate, with Elayna estimating that they might spend $400 (£310) on groceries every two weeks, to supplement the fish they catch themselves, and the same amount every two months or so on diesel fuel. They run their engine as little as possible and charge their batteries with solar and wind power.

Still, boat maintenance is expensive. Conventional wisdom says that, once a boat is more than two years old, it costs 15 per cent of its purchase price every year. Their elegant and airy new boat, a 48-ft Outremer, is about two-and-a-half years old, and lists at over £600,000. Having seen one in Los Roques, an archipelago off Venezuela, Riley wooed the company, and a boat was specifically designed for the couple, and a lease arranged so they could pay monthly at a slightly discounted rate.

On forums like Reddit, fans debate the couple’s good fortune. Have they sold out? Are they still relatable? Could you learn the craft of sailing from their videos if they’re in such a high-end craft? But as one poster notes, “ People think that just anyone can get a GO PRO and do a YouTube Channel, get on Patreon and make hay. It just does not work this way. It actually takes quite a bit of on-screen talent and editing skills to get viewers … I’ll admit it. I just like these people.”


5 Food That Is Killing Your Intelligence, Focus and Brain

Our brain has often been the most important organ of our body. It is the CPU that controls each and every functioning. Be it our thinking, concentration, or the beating of the heart, everything is wired to the brain. Which makes it even more crucial to take care if what we eat and we don’t.

We often eat a lot of things but certain foods can negatively affect the functioning of our brain which directly impacts our memory, reaction, emotions, mood, and also increases the risk of mental health conditions like dementia. As we age we need to keep our brain healthy. Here are five worst food for our brain that is slowly and steadily killing our focus, intelligence, and a lot more.

Sugary Beverages:

chimac news
chimac news

Cola, juices, energy drinks, soda has been a part of your lives. While they do taste amazing and kills our thirst for a while, it also has some serious illness. The sugary beverage easily increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiac disease.

They also have a negative effect on your brain and type 2 diabetes is also at times the causes for increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s. Well, we all know that these drinks are high in fructose, which leads to high blood pressure, fats, obesity, brain inflammation, impaired memory, dementia, and more.

Extra Salty Foods

chimac news
chimac news

We all know how salty foods affect our blood pressure and directly impacts our heart. The higher amount of sodium intake affects your cognitive thinking, intelligence and hurts your ability to think.

Many studies have proved that the consumption of salty food and nicotine can be dangerous as drugs as they led to severe withdrawal symptoms and cravings.


chimac news
chimac news

We already know what excessive consumption of alcohol can do with our brains. The side effects are like brain volume, disruption of neurotransmitters, and more.

It also leads to a deficiency of vitamin B1, which is related to causing brain disorder Wernicke’s encephalopathy (a life-threatening illness which primarily affects the peripheral and central nervous systems). Which later develops into chronic memory disorder Korsakoff’s syndrome due to misuse of alcohol.

Trans Fats

chimac news
chimac news

Since our school days we have been told how trans fats can lead to obesity, heart problems, and even increase cholesterol.

Let us tell you they are worst for your brain as they harm your reflexes, responsive functioning, and increases the risk of stroke. When consumed too much for a longer period they shrink your brain which is a lot similar to what Alzheimer’s does to your brain.


chimac news
chimac news

Despite the popular fact that nicotine is quite harmful, consumption of it wreaks havoc on your brain which decreases the free flow of blood, glucose, and oxygen around it.

Needless to say how these functioning are vital it is for your brain. From increase risk of lung cancer, premature aging to tightening the capillaries, (a blood vessel that’s quite essential when it comes to your brain function).


New Balance Wins $1.5 Million Court Case Against Chinese Copycat Brand New Barlun


New Balance has won a $1.5 million case against Chinese athletics company New Barlun. Yes,  there is literally another brand out there selling shoes called New Barlun.

Last Thursday, the Pudong New Area People’s Court in Shanghai declared that New Barlun engaged in “unfair competition.” The ruling decided that the “N” logo on New Barlun’s shoes — which may or may not remind you of the familiar 571 silhouette — “could cause customers to be confused” in regards to the source of the sneakers and/or their affiliation with New Balance.

New Balance argued the continued use of the New Barlun logo — which is similar not only in appearance but also its placement on the side of the shoe — was unfair competition, and ultimately had a negative effect upon its reputation and goodwill. New Barlun countered that it had a trademark for its logo — which it (no laughing here) claims is different — and therefore was entitled to use it. Ultimately, the court sided with New Balance, claiming that irrespective of the fact New Barlun’s “N” is a registered trademark, it still violates the basic trademark tenant of “good faith.”


The court went on to declare that the public “would sufficiently associate the products decorated with ‘N’ letters on both sides of the athletic shoes with ‘New Balance,’” thereby entitling the Boston-based company to protection by way of China’s Unfair Competition Law. New Balance first entered the Chinese market in 2003.

As picked up upon by The Fashion Law, trademark law attorney Aaron Wininger surmised the case, writing: “As a competitor in the same industry, New Barlun still uses the similar logo on the same position of the similar goods it produces when it knows that the N letter logo on both sides of the plaintiff’s shoes has a certain influence, which reduces the plaintiff’s goodwill and causes market confusion. This causes consumers to confuse and misidentify the source of the goods, which violates the principles of good faith and recognized business ethics and constitutes unfair competition.”

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This isn’t the first time New Balance has found itself in a legal fight against Chinese companies. Over the years, copycat brands out east — with similar designs, similar names, and even storefronts — have proved a thorn in the side. This came to a head three years ago when it won $1.5 million in damages against three companies, including New Boom and New Bunren in what was described as a landmark case. “If the China marketplace can be thought of as a schoolyard, New Balance wants to make it abundantly clear we are the wrong kid to pick on,” said New Balance’s senior counsel for intellectual property, Daniel McKinnon, at the time.

Of course, New Balance isn’t the only brand to run into these copyright issues out in China — Supreme’s struggle, in particular, is well documented. Following the Michael Jordan vs. Qiaodan case (reported on here last week), Song Xiaoming, head of the Supreme People’s Court’s Intellectual Property Tribunal, spoke of the need for increased trademark protection throughout the country. “We must say ‘no’ for those who rush registration for trademarks with bad intention, as honesty and credibility have always been the principles when we handle trademark cases,” he said.

New Barlun has been ordered to pay $1.5 million in damages and legal fees to New Balance. Not only that, but the Fujian-based company will have to cease its use of the controversial “N” logo, before issuing a “public clarification” about its use of it.

Trump expands controversial travel ban restrictions to six new countries

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s administration on Friday added six countries to the controversial travel ban he put in place early in his term, a move that could potentially trigger another legal battle in a highly volatile election year.

Department of Homeland Security officials said the administration will suspend issuing overseas visas for nationals of Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar and Nigeria. The agency said it would also place additional restrictions on Sudanese and Tanzanian nationals.

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US Democrats have been dealt a major blow in their efforts to call witnesses at President Trump’s impeachment trial.

They needed four Republicans to vote with them to allow witness testimony, but one of the few wavering senators said he would not support the measure.

Lamar Alexander said the Democrats had proved Mr Trump acted inappropriately but it was not an impeachable offence. for more bbc

NTSB details the final moments of the helicopter before it crashed, killing Kobe Bryant and 8 others


(CNN)In his final transmission, the pilot of a helicopter that crashed, killing nine people including NBA legend Kobe Bryant, told air traffic control he was climbing to avoid a cloud layer, the National Transportation Safety Board said Monday.

When air traffic control asked the pilot what he planned to do, there was no reply, NTSB board member Jennifer Homendy told reporters. The last radar contact was around 9:45 a.m. (12:45 p.m. ET) Sunday, she said.
Radar data indicated the helicopter climbed 2,300 feet and began a left descending turn, she said.
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